Private ski lessons in Chamonix
  Ski Patrol, Mountain Rescue, Doctors & Medical     


Ski Patrol Tel:04 50 54 04 73    Each ski area (except Les Houches) in Chamonix valley has its own ski patrol organization, but are coordinated by a central telephone exchange, these are the people who you should contact first for help whilst skiing in one of the patrolled ski areas. You can telephone the exchange or contact any of the lift operators to call for assitance.

Les Houches ski patrol Tel: 04 50 54 40 32.

Mountain Rescue: PGHM (Gendarmerie): 04 50 53 16 89.
Generally used for rescues outside of the patrolled ski areas - they may be called in by the ski patrol if a victim requires  paramedic attention (and medication) prior to transportation & helicopter evacuation.

Following an accident on the slopes the victim will usually be collected by the ski patrol who will take your insurance details and either deal directly with the insurance or bill you afterwards.

For an accident not requiring immediate medical attention but occuring in an awkawrd point of the mountain the ski patrol may offer the alternative of a private helicopter evacuation. Most insurance policies cover this but it is worth being aware of the conditions of your cover.

An ambulance will take the victim form the ski area to a Doctors surgery or the hospital (having forewarned the Doctor / Hospital). They usually expect payment immediately & are often equipped for credit card payment in the ambulance but if you are without money or card they will not abandon you by the roadside !

The Doctors or Hospital will often expect you to pay for more minor injuries but will deal directly with the victims insurers for anything more serious.

Chamonix Hospital Tel 04 50 53 84 00
A & E only but serious cases are usually taken directly to Sallanches (20 mins drive)

Sallanches Hospital Tel 04 50 47 30 30

Medical Centres

There are numerous practices, the following are my recommendations - see the phone book or tourist offices for others. If you cannot obtain an appointment at a Doctors surgery you can go directly to the hospital where you will be seen as quickly as possible - the wait is rarely less  than 30mins.


Dr Patrick Bettin,  580 rte du Plagnolet, 74400 Argentiere.  Tel:04 50 54 00 67 Consultations by arrangement the morning , without appointment the afternoon (from 13h30). Equipped with X ray equipment. English speaking , excellent doctor.


509 Rte des Pélerins,  Hospital in Chamonix  Tel 04 50 55 80 55 . Dr Richard & Dr Cadot(sport's doctor). X ray equipped. English speaking.



Familly Costa, 260 rue Vallot, Chamonix. Tel:04 50 53 64 52



Chamonix boasts many physios but most have a long waiting list.

Chamonix center,122 Place Edmond Desailloud, Tel: 04 50 53 23 11 close to the Aiguille du Midi lift station. 3 fantastic physios and the one who have done a lot for me is Sébastien Widlak.

The Chamonix Clinic Tel: 04 50 18 05 08  Close to the Montenvers train station.  British qualified physio.