Why Private Ski  lessons.

Many people will have experienced group ski lessons and whilst there are many positive features to these lessons most instructors & clients will agree that they have some drawbacks, particularly in terms of the rate of training & the ability of the instructor to offer a personalised service.

Private ski lessons are what you would like them to be !

Most people consider ski lessons to be just that – a way of learning to ski but others may look to benefit from my intimate knowledge of the ski area to be able to find the best snow conditions at that moment & to be able to benefit from the priority that a ski instructor can offer on the ski lifts. Others may revel in finding that perfect lunch spot where a pre reserved table awaits them .

Other advantages of private lessons are that I can offer you useful advice before you leave home . Your reservation will be made before you arrive in resort so you need not stand in a line trying to book your lessons at ski school. I will suggest to you a choice of recommended ski shops who offer good , friendly English speaking service and quality ski / snowboard equipment that you may reserve in advance if necessary. You will find the details on this site along with clearly stated prices . In addition these shops will be happy to extend you a small discount.

A much appreciated feature of private lessons is that I will provide transport either to or from your accommodation for half day lessons or both for full day lessons.


Beginners: We all had to learn at one point & there is no shame to being a beginner, however it is great to move on as quickly as possible and most beginners appreciate half day lessons . Full day lessons work well for beginners who are particularly fit & motivated but most people will use the other half day to practice the techniques that they have learned in the lessons or to just relax a little !

Intermediates: Modern gear has made skiing far easier than in the past but just a few hours can help perfect those turns so that skiing becomes a far more enjoyable & less tiring activity.

Higher Intermediates & Experts: Having mastered parallel turns on the piste, perhaps its time to broaden you horizons; the satisfaction of mastering perfectly carved turns on the piste or perhaps to sample the delights of “off piste” & all the different snow types or different terrain that you may encounter.

Guiding & perfection

This is where we move on a little to cover more ground , see different areas and to really get to know the Chamonix Valley & its surrounding resort (Courmayeur ). I will still be offering advice on perfecting your style but this will be balanced with the goal of having fun & enjoying the thrill of moving more quickly & discovering new areas. As an instructor I am allowed to take clients through the priority lines for the ski lifts reducing waiting time to a minimum. It is quite common that we take in more than one ski area in a day.

Courmayeur (Italy)

For a change of ambiance from Chamonix it is a comfortable journey of around 25 mins to sample the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif. Courmayeur offers a good variety of trails , many cut through the tree line so even in poor weather it can offer better visibility than most of the ski areas in the Chamonix valley. Courmayeur often has completely different weather than Chamonix valley. This means that on certain days when the weather is poor in Chamonix it can be sunny in Courmayeur & vice versa ! www.courmayeur-montblanc.com


Touring & Off piste

I can offer a gentle introduction to the fantastic world away from the ski pistes either using the ski lifts or special touring equipment (skis & skins ).

Glaciers: Please note that as a ski instructor I am not allowed to instruct or guide on glacial areas (other than patrolled areas such as some runs on Les Grands Montets) but I will be happy to recommend high mountain guides who are qualified to do so.


The ski areas of the Chamonix valley are situated at various points of the valley & only the Brevent / Flegere are interconnected. The fact that the areas are separate means that you can have a different adventure each day rather than travelling via the same lifts / pistes each day. The downside is that this does mean that skiers have to use the Chamonix Bus service that can be somewhat erratic & less than comfortable.

For my clients taking a whole day lesson , I will collect you from your accommodation , transport you to the ski area & then bring you back home at the end of the day. For a morning lesson , I will collect you from your accommodation & take you to the slopes but will not be able to transport you afterwards as I will have another lesson in the afternoon. For an afternoon lesson I will arrange a meeting point at one of the ski areas & will transport you home at the end of the lesson.

I can transport a maximum of 4 clients. All transport that I provide within the Chamonix valley is for free. Please note that for skiing  in Courmayeur,  I will only ask you to cover the costs of  tunnel tolls + parking .