Airport transfers.

There are numerous ways of travelling from Geneva airport to Chamonix.

Shared minibus; the big advantage is that you will be delivered to your accommodation. The downside is that you may have to wait for other flights to arrive & that you may not be the first to be dropped off. Airport transfers: friendly, professional & reliable service. Private airport transfers from €18.75pp and shared transfers from €28pp Reliable and competitivley priced service

Regular Bus service Tel +41 22 798 20 00 email:

Next to the info desk in the airport (Swiss Side).  Ax 35 € one way, 55€ return.

Operates from Geneva airport to Chamonix Railway station. A taxi from the railway station to your accommodation can be very expensive.




Rail services


Train from Geneva Directly from the airport via Martigny (Switzerland) – very slow but scenic.

From Gare des Eau Vives (Geneva town) . more direct but entails traversing Geneva town by bus , tram & foot ! (v ax 28 €)

As you can see, there are no cheap options for the airport transfer. If you are two or more its worthwhile renting a car from the airport. A car is a real bonus whilst in Chamonix as it enables you to get to the slopes more easily. Parking in Chamonix can be a little difficult but you can always find free parking somewhere reasonably close to your accommodation. Take a low mileage allowance option as you will not drive very far once in Chamonix.




Car Rental


Overall its easier & quicker to collect your hire car from the Swiss side of the airport rather than the French side but sometimes there can be differences in rates . In any event be certain as to where you are expected to collect the car: Swiss side or French side !

There is a short stretch of Swiss motorway from the airport to the French motorway . To use this motorway you should have the Swiss motorway “Vignette” ax 45€. Whilst it is rare to be checked on the way out of Switzerland it almost a certainty on the way back in to the airport. Ask your rental company (in advance) if they have a car with the “Vignette” already displayed. Alternatively you can travel through the centre of Geneva – unless there is a traffic jam or rush hour it should add no more than 10mins to your journey & offers pleasant views. Airport – Le Lac – Pont (bridge) du Mt Blanc – Gaillards border crossing & on the French motorway system where you pay as you go (Euros or Credit cards). Another way is to go into France at St Julien Genevois then rejoin the French autoroute network. Ask the rental company for a map & advice if you are going to traverse the town.

There are many rental companies eg  . Easyjet usually offer very attractive rates with Europcar for their passengers – or anyone supplying an Easyjet flight number !

Be sure that your car is equipped with snow tyres, chains (rarely needed in Chamonix) and a means for putting skis / boards on the roof.

Its easy to get minor damage to your car in slippery car parks of Chamonix so insurance may be worthwhile !